We are currently undergoing an expansion with the industrial flashings and rainwater goods as an additional service offering. Our short term goals are to expand our premises and increase employment opportunities by 51%.
We see our company's main purpose as to provide quality structures at an affordable rate and providing professional services. We are striving to successfully implement a manufacturing plant for flashings, industrial gutters and rainwater goods and also see this as a short term priority that will be reached in the near future.

Standard Flashing

Gable Trim

External Corner Flashings

Valley Gutter mk-f13-462 Girth

Internal Corner Flashing mk-cf12-462 Girth

Undertile Flashing mk-f11-308 Girth

Apex Flashing mk-f10-462 Girth

Valley Lining mk-f9-462 Girth

Drip Flashing mk-f8-150 Girth

Cover Flashing mk-f7-130 Girth

Ridge Capping mk-f3-462 Girth