What is Chromadek roof sheeting?

Chromadek is specifically developed and tested for harsh South African UV conditions, making it suitable for a variety of building applications across various industries. The Chromadek African Heritage Colour range comes in exciting colours, which is available in Corrugated, IBR and Widespan roofing profiles.

The Advantages of Chromadek roof sheeting and cladding

There are a number of reasons why Chromadek sheets are chosen above other roof sheeting and cladding products. This colour coated sheeting is known for its superior quality and other advantages, which includes:

Lighter and stronger:

Chromadek is lighter and stronger than any other roofing material, making roofs of up to 80% lighter than other methods like concrete tiles. This saves on the roof structure, construction time and equally important, and the cost.

Edge protection:

The improved edge protection offers higher safety benefits.

Cracks and corrosion:

This product is less prone to formability cracking that could lead to corrosion problems.

Heat reflective properties:

Four of the Chromadek colours (Charcoal Grey, Dark Dolphin, Aloe Green and Buffalo Brown) feature an advanced paint system that incorporates a heat reflective pigment. This allows up to 8°C cooler interior, and improved durability in terms of gloss maintenance, colour and film integrity.


Maintaining your Chromadek products on an ongoing basis will ensure the longevity of your product. Specially formulated air-drying touch-up paints are available, should your roof sheets be scratched during installation or at a later stage. This will help to prevent the scratched area from corroding.


There are 14 exciting colours available in the African Heritage range to choose from.


Achieve a Chromadek by following three easy steps when obtaining your Chromadek this will ensure that you have peace of mind that your warranty is in place for your top quality roofing and cladding.

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