Different Steel Structural Objects?

Shutter Building.

Window shutters are generally pairs of hinged panels fixed inside or outside a window that can be closed for security, or privacy. Window shutters are also designed to keep out the light and to prevent the passage of heat. Window shutters can be solid panels made from almost any material that can be fitted within a frame. They can be horizontally or vertically louvred and fashioned so they are fixed or operable.

Roller shutters are another type of window shutter that can also be used on doors or windows. These can be referred to as security shutters, coiling doors, roller doors or sectional overhead doors. These devices are made up of numerous horizontal strips that are connected with hinges. Roller shutters can be motorised or operated by hand.

Installation of Sheeting.

Our professional CNC cutting, measuring, and drilling contraption which will bring enormous savings to your company, we produce double the volume with the same labour force. Our fully automated steel processing systems will enable us to process steel more professionally, improve productivity, reduce man-hours, we minimise waste and avoid expensive production mistakes.
Our fabrication facility is designed to ensure all the steel fabrication work we undertake is performed to the highest standards of quality and safety. Each step of the fabrication process is inspected and recorded to ensure your project is fabricated to the highest possible standards. We are constantly striving to achieve the right balance of efficiency, savings and craftsmanship and we pride ourselves on our commitment to zero defects, first time, every time.

Structural Steel Maintenance.

You need to inspect your structural steel building at least twice a year to identify and fix issues on time. Also, inspect at the end of every season since some seasons, such as winter, have harsh weather that could lead to damages. You don't want to experience structural issues in the future due to flaws that developed in the previous seasons.

You should also inspect structural steel parts of a building after a remodeling project such as the enlargement of the existing structure since the addition can affect the integrity of the existing one. For safety reasons, hire a professional to ensure no errors go undetected.

Take photos of the building before and after inspection. They will help you during the next inspection as you can quickly notice other errors you had not noticed earlier. Also, record the names of the experts or companies that you work with during the inspection and the dates. The government regulatory agencies may require these critical details during safety regulations checks.

Industrial Staircases and Walkways.

The fabrication of conventional walkways continues to be a significant part of our business. The products are of high quality and benchmarked to industry standards, whether fabricated according to established plans and specifications or according to a design.

Conventional walkways are fabricated with metalworks such as guardrails, caged or uncaged ladders, and staircases with or without landings.

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