Why Choose Us For Your Factories & Warehouse Needs

Our Factories and Warehouses are tailored made to meet your needs. We can design these steel structures in various sizes and heights and without using columns or compromising on the strength of the structure, therefore allowing equipment such as retrieval robotic handling systems and automatic storage to be installed into the factory or warehouse.

Our prefabricated steel structures can be used for both commercial and industrial purposes and with the custom design, we can also include offices, workspaces and vehicle access doors to meet your requirements

Our Vast Factories & Wearhouse Options

Depending on your location, you may have many options for large storing facilities. Some of the more common methods for storing specific goods are as follow:

Outdoor Tie-Down.

this may be a good option in areas where the risk of weather damage is low. Tying down all goods that is stored outside reduces the risk of damage from strong winds that could cause damage to the specific goods. The cost of a tie-down is usually significantly lower than building a factory. However, you should keep in mind that goods exposed to the elements will likely experience more wear and tear and require more maintenance and repairs than those stored indoors.

Safety and Peace of mind.

With our foundations stratigically placed you can be assured that your stored goods will remain safe in one of our designed facilities. We keep everything in mind from the soil that is used to be build upon from the location to protect your goods against harsh african weather.

Insurance and Safety Considerations

In addition to protecting the aesthetic and operational characteristics of your aircraft, not to mention its value, hangaring the airplane may lower the cost of insuring it. How, where and when you store your aircraft affects the risk of it being damaged. If you protect it individually in a secure, indoor hangar, it is less likely to suffer damage and therefore your aircraft insurance may cost less.

As a result, you should talk with your aircraft insurance producer before you decide how to store your aircraft. It is possible that the cost of hangaring your airplane may be offset somewhat by insurance savings as well as lower maintenance costs.

You should also think about whether you want to store your aircraft in a facility that has added safety measures in place. For example, some hangars are equipped with hangar foam fire suppression systems, which have pros and cons you will want to consider.

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