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Foundation Layout & Placement

Getting the foundations of your building or extension right first time is vital if you are to have a successful outcome. This applies not just to the type of foundations you use but also to a number of other factors such as distance to boundaries, ground conditions soil type, adjacent structures, trees, drains and sewers.

As with any project, get the advice and support of experts early on to ensure your project meets all of the relevant regulations and you don’t have any nasty shocks further down the line.

Shutter Building

After determining the width and depth of foundation, a drawing showing the width of foundations of various walls is prepared. It is known as foundation plan.

Structural Steel Maintenance

Their maintenance includes tightening or replacing bolts, replacing cracked, broken or corroded fittings. Replacement and reinforcement of the foundation is also a part of maintaining mooring fittings. New fittings should be of cast steel and the same size and capacity as the replaced ones.

Industrial Staircases and Walkways

Safety is the first consideration when designing handrails, walkways, platforms and stairs. They should also require little or no maintenance, and when the application is not industrial, be aesthetically pleasing. Stainless steel has always been a popular choice because it provides high strength, design flexibility, durability and wear resistance, which is essential for slip-resistant surfaces and structural integrity.

sheet roofing is a relatively new form of roof covering, especially when compared to roofing materials that date back hundreds, if not thousands of years, such as thatch or roof tiles. In recent decades however, leading manufacturers such as Clear Amber, Britmet, and Ariel Plastics have brought a wide range of gorgeous, innovative roofing sheets onto the market.

Roof sheets have quickly become the go-to favourite for homeowners undertaking DIY projects such as re-roofing their shed or garage. This is largely thanks to the exceptional speed and ease of installation that roofing sheets offer over other materials. What’s more, many roofing sheets are also highly durable, making them a great choice for a low maintenance roof.

If you are thinking of installing a new roof or remodelling your factory, you should consider IBR roofing. Property Owners think little about IBR roof sheeting when planning for their structures, but this option can be cost effective and energy efficient. The reason many people do not buy certain roofing materials is that such materials do not come in custom different dimensions. IBR sheeting is available in both standard and custom dimensions, so you can get any size depending on your needs.

Standard sizes range from 1.5 m to 14 m. However, you can also get the sheeting with up to 20 meters in length. You will need to order such dimensions to suit your unique roofing needs. When buying standard lengths, you need to know that the permissible variance in length should be between -0 +5 mm. manufacturers have sheets that are outside these measurements, but they can only deliver this type of IBR roof sheeting on special request and may be available at different prices. The maximum height of IBR sheeting that can be transported is 4.3 metres. Therefore, you should consider this aspect when designing bullnoses and curves the roof pitch

We at timelesssheeting provide the following isntructions.

It should be noted that the load span characteristics are only to be used as a broad guideline as purlin spacings are dependant on other factors such as:

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